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Kuwait is witnessing a cultural renaissance, and Select strives to be at its forefront. In the midst of governmental commissions, institutional agendas, and efforts on both the private and public sector to instigate a revival of art and design in the state, we, at Select, have dedicated ourselves to shining the spotlight on the individuals that are this phenomenon’s key players. 

Select celebrates the local manifestation of creativity in its various forms: from architecture to photography, furniture design to applied arts. Rather than define itself strictly in terms of its current form, Select is best described as the action from which it derives its name. On a quest to find the most remarkable influencers of the national art and design scene, both the well- established as well as the promising, up-and-coming creatives, Select is engaged in a simultaneous revealing and shaping of the industry. As the scene shifts and changes, Select promises to remain steadfastly constant in our purpose to facilitate an open dialogue between those who have a vision and those who help realize it. Creative opportunities abound, and Select makes sure they don’t pass you by.

Select’s process of curation is a testament to its dedication to excellence. In collaborating with committees of people specialized in the fields we research, we are able to collectively discern promising talent that lives beyond the ash of social acclaim and limelight.