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Participants The Spaces Issue

Thousands of images we have filtered through. Dozens of people we have spo- ken to. The result is this beautifully edited book showcasing some of Kuwait’s most cutting-edge, talented, and unique pho- tographers. We have hand picked and selected from a range of well known photographers to fresh new faces and have made it easier for the reader of this book to not only enjoy the tantaliz- ing images that we have to offer, but also have facilitated a form of contact. Need a photographer for any event that you have in mind? Just flip through these pages and take a pick! We hope that you have enjoyed this selection as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. If you know of any other hidden talented people that you would like to see featured in the upcoming Select book, do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the book, because we enjoyed creating 

Participants of The Spaces

With every beginning, comes an end, but we at Select refuse to say goodbye but instead until next time. We would like to extend a special thank you to all the people that have made this issue not only a pleasure to work on, but also a victory and a success for the team.


To all the architects, interior designers, and furniture designers: a thank you is a must as it was an utter pleasure getting to sit down and talk to each of you individually. Thank you for allowing us at Select to pick at your brains. Here you go this is our The Spaces participants


  1. AGi Architects
  2. KAYAN Middle East Co.
  3. Atelier Aziz AlQatami
  4. studioMADOUHBEK for Architecture and Design
  5. ARCH JS
  6. BabNimnim Design Studio
  7. M2H Design Studio
  8. Abdulaziz Al Humaidhi
  9. LAb100 Design Studio
  10. Studiotoggle Llc


  1. Hosam AlRushaid
  2. Bibi AGhanim
  3. BAder AlMansour
  4. Ranya AlMutawa Interior Design
  5. Optimus Designs 
  6. Pieces by Farah
  7. Has Al Sabah
  8. Loulwa AlRadwan
  9. Fairmount Interiors
  10. Duha Al Mutawa

The Spaces Issue